Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Resting while climbing

Lately I have had a real busy season in ministry. So, I went to Vital Bouldering Gym in Carlsbad and I was challenged and humbled. Bouldering is like rock climbing without any protection. There is no rope, no harness, no belayer and no rest. When you are on the wall it is either up or down.

However as I watched others boulder, I saw their technique to be fluid and light. My style is more like a bulldozer trying to stay vertical. I am used to having a rope and harness to fall back on.

Then I started watching more closely. One guy would lock his leg and "rest" while still on the wall. He took the time to catch his breathe while still hanging there.

In the same way, through busy times do we build in "rest"? God commands us to take time to renew and recreate. Even in the busiest times we need to take this time. Jesus went away to lonely places. I go to bouldering gyms.

What do you do to rest while you are in the middle if the battle?

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